Oct 242013

Chemistry plays a large role in the possibilities of any essential oil used.  Depending on the chemical makeup, an oil can give energy and vitality; or it can ease anxiety and tension.  Chemistry tells an oil what possibilities it can fulfill on a particular receiver.  The receiver’s body chemistry also plays a part in absorbing the possibilities available.

The receiver’s mind, however, plays a large role as well.  It is through the feelings, desires and beliefs of the giver and the receiver that possibilities manifest into healing.  A person receiving an application of an essential oil can facilitate healing by mentally directing the oil to work towards the desired outcome.  The best results are seen when a receiver will fully give themselves to the belief that the therapeutic grade oil they are using will help them; and will affirm in their mind the result they expect to receive.  A one-time thought, no matter how deeply felt, will not produce a miraculous result.  Affirmation should be repeated and consciously retained until the desired result comes about.

Essential oils are imbued with an intelligence non-existent in pharmaceutical drugs.  What this means to a receiver is that the affect a single essential oil can have on the body are innumerable and almost unlimited.  Even if you are not sure the oil you have is right to produce the results you want, there is evidence to suggest that if you were to use what you have and concentrate fully on the desired result, the oil may do just what you directed it to.

While there are so many possibilities contained in the use of essential oils in the home or office, a few are listed here just go give you an idea of some you could benefit from.

  • Essential oils can elevate bodily frequencies, helping individuals to stay healthy and increase immune funtion. Their vibrations resonate with our tissues in helpful ways according to our wishes and mental directions.
  • Essential oils support and increase our intuitive powers and sharpen our spiritual awareness, which is why religions all over the world, from ancient times to the present, diffuse the aromas of essential oils as incense in their sanctuaries in order to facilitate effective meditation and prayer.
  • Essential oils can destroy harmful fungi, viruses, and bacteria in the air we breathe as well as inside our bodies. These powerful compounds are deadly to pathogenic microbes, but are harmless and helpful to humans.
  • Essential oils are nature’s most powerful antioxidants.  Antioxidants cleanse free radicals from our systems. This helps maintain a state of wellness and can extend our life spans.
  • Essential oils can act like hormones to keep our organs and bodily functions in balance and can even fill in the differences, or stimulate our bodies to produce, when our bodies do not manufacture the hormones we need.
  • Essential oils work in our limbic systems to help clear negative feelings and blocked emotions, thus eliminating the root causes of many diseases and conditions.

All human levels can be assisted by essential oils.  These include our mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual states.  Utilizing the principles of quantum physics, one can see that essential oils amplify intent.  Using therapeutic grade oils with intent that is in harmony with a higher power can significantly improve one’s well-being.