Oct 292013

We’ve all heard about the “Mind-Body Connection”.  This is more than a myth or mystical belief; it is the workings of the body as a whole that include the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects within us all.  Understanding the interaction of mind and matter will help you to better understand the power the individual has over the effectiveness of an essential oil application.   When you consider essential oils as “living energy”, you can see how human intent can have an impact on the action of that oil.

Regarding the power of thought:  It is a well known fact that the mind can affect the electromagnetic frequencies of essential oils. Prayer and positive thinking elevates the frequencies while negative thoughts will decrease the frequencies.  This is why, historically, essential oils were used in conjunction with prayer.

In the 1950’s, Franklin Loehr, an American scientist explored the effect of prayer and human thought on water. Water molecules are composed to a single oxygen atom with two hydrogen atoms attached at specific angles ranging from 120-110 degrees. Loehr found that human thought alters the bonding angles between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms, thus changing the physical properties of the water.

More recent experiments by the Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, graphically prove that human thought and emotion affects the crystalline structure of frozen water. The results of his experiments show that if one is to aim beautiful thoughts at water, such as “love,” “angel,” or “appreciation,” it will crystallize into beautiful icy patterns. Aim ugly or mean thoughts toward water, such as “hate,” “demon,” or “kill” and the frozen water produces ugly crystals. Emoto deduced that interaction of mind and matter is a scientific fact.

Study shows that human thought and human intent has an affect on electron behavior.  Electrons are an integral part of every chemical and neural process that goes on inside the body.  This means that our bodily functions go beyond that of simple chemistry and classic physics.  Because the observer is a part of the outcome, our inner workings have more of a quantum physics law to follow.

In applying essential oils, it is clear that what occurs is an amplifying of an already existent intent.  This goes for the giver and for the receiver.  This is why saying a prayer while applying oils increases efficiency.  Essential oils also have a more powerful effect on the person who has faith and belief in the oils being used.   Essential oils have electrical properties, and hence can be affected by thoughts and feelings.  Therefore, the same oil can have a different effect on two different people.  This could be because of the different chemical makeup between the two people; or it could be the workings of their mind over the matter of the oils.