Oct 302013

Each of us either has or will experience the emotion of grieving. Where it will come from doesn’t matter. It may be from the loss of a loved one. That special pet. Or it may be some felt internal loss buried way down deep within you. A failed relationship, losing your job, or having to move from your home, these are all loses that in order to heal require us to grieve.

Funny thing, emotions. While most people think of emotions as being simply a feeling, and if you can just think about something positive the feeling will go away. This is not true. Psychologists and others who study the relationship between our physical body and the mind long ago discovered that when we experience a strong, life changing, emotion, there are physical manifestations of that feeling. This mind-body relationship affects all of our senses. The deeper the grief the more prominent the physical manifestations of that feeling.

While grief is a normal human response it also can take over your life. It is not unusual for unresolved grief to turn into clinical depression. For others the price for not dealing with grief becomes anger. If you could be the fly on the wall in a session with a therapist you might well hear them say “…is your turning your grief inward, upon yourself.”How are we to deal with grief. Especially when the hurt is so powerful that it takes up much of our life? Again, the mind-body relationship must be addressed. Once you can bring these elements into alignment you can get on with your life. This alignment is no great mystery. It simply means that as you are able to relax your body your mind will follow the body’s lead. As the mind relaxes so will your body. It’s a part of what I like to call the circle of life.

Soothing oils is one of the most powerful ways to relax the mind and the body. Found throughout scripture essential oils have long been used to assist people in reclaiming their life. Let’s listen to the words of Fran: “Marjoram is supposed to be very good. They used it at funerals and weddings. It is referred to as the oil of gladness in the Bible. We went to a memorial service yesterday for one of my 2 daughters’ teacher and on the way there my oldest was overwhelmed by everything in general and crying. I gave her Marjoram to smell and it calmed her down right away.”Or how about these healing words from Mona: “…Three Wise Men. This oil has done wonders for me and also helped a seriously troubled young man I am close to get through some major, traumatic grief. He went from acting like the grief would do him in and near freaking out, to simply crying, and to now smiling and almost “miraculously” 90% healed once the old repressed garbage came out. It took a lot of prayer and Three Wise Men to bring the repressed stuff to the surface so it could be dealt with, but it all worked wonderfully! Thank You, God!”

These are but a few of the testimonials flowing in about the power of essential oils in the healing process of grief. Whatever your loss, no matter how much it hurts, ask yourself this one question:” is my unbridled grief what God would have me do regarding this event?” I think not. Remember grief is a normal human reaction to the loss you have suffered. Unbridled grief that keeps you from being that person you want to be is not normal. If you or someone you know can’t let go of their grief maybe it’s time to address the issue head-on. Maybe it’s time to give essential oils a try.

If you or someone you know can’t let go of their grief, it’s time to face the issue head-on. Selecting the right essential oils can give you the strength to start living again.

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