Oct 302013

Grieving is experienced not only when somebody passes on, grief can  be deeply felt when we lose valued parts of our lives such as jobs, a  home, a friendship, love ends, or we lose our identity as we find  ourselves “stuck” in caregiving.

I remember vividly when my sister and her husband made plans for an  overseas trip, when I suddenly realized that my husband and I were  denied such pleasures and would never be able to travel. At that moment,  the tears would simply not stop for hours. Of course it was not just  the trips, it was so many other things we had looked forward to  – now forever lost.

Every person grieves differently, grieves over different things,  grieves at different times after the loss. Probably more than at any  other time, I have found essential oils to give the greatest relief as  their fragrances soothed the soul, the emotions in a way nothing else  could.