May 092014

Whether you are ordering flowers to send, or growing them yourself, sharing them can make someone’s day!

To me, fresh cut flowers mean something very special. I remember it as if it happened yesterday – the first time a flower gift basket was delivered to my door. That was over 30 years ago when my sister’s only way to send congratulations to the birth of my daughter were by ordering flowers through an international florist from Nepal.

I remember how very special I felt and so over the years, with flowers to send to loved ones in celebration of their life became habit for me. To make it even more special, I keep an alphabetical flower list and make an effort to select flowers that start with the recipients first name or mix by first, middle, and last name for a colorful bouquet. At times, florists were baffled over my selections, but when I explained why I chose those flowers for delivery, they enthusiastically went along with my wishes and at times even supplied information of meanings of flowers I had selected.

Wouldn’t you agree that whenever we can do even just a little something special for somebody, we make life better for them? Add to that the ripple effect and one small gesture can expand to touch more and more people.

I know people, good neighbors, who have planned their flower garden design so an elderly shut-in could see it from her window. If you are in a position to do something like this, share your flower garden ideas, and even ask the shut-in’s opinion about your backyard flower garden, about favorites, even specialties like edible flowers, shade flowers, plants that attract butterflies and humming birds. Such involvement in addition to the delightful hours spend watching the backyard activities, adds a lift to someone’s spirits.

If your loved one has moved to a retirement or nursing community, you might be able to volunteer to plant some flowers to send so the residents can see and enjoy them. Plan to bring fresh cut flowers especially if you can cut flowers in your or the shut-ins own garden.

I suggest you not send potted plants to people who are very involved taking care of somebody, because the watering schedule adds extra work and effort to their already hectic duties. A bouquet of fresh cut flowers, when they fade, tossing them is a lot easier than to maintain potted plants.

Of course dried flower arrangements might be even easier, and there are some lovely, very natural looking silk flower arrangements to be found. But just as with potted plants, please also keep in mind that while fresh cut flowers foods and liquids can get used up and will be gone, dried flower arrangements take up space and can be in the way.

If cut, dried, potted or any other forms of flowers seem to cause a problem, I suggest you consider bringing the fragrance of flowers to your loved one in form of certified organic essential oils. In one drop of lavender oil is the fragrance of a whole field. The inhalation of pure, aromatic oils has healing and uplifting properties which can invigorate the whole house.