Oct 252013

Using essential oils has been widely practiced throughout the world for ages.  The power of nature is full of possibilities that are only limited by those who could receive their abundant benefits but simply will not allow themselves.  While many believe that any given essential oil will produce a specific result within every person who would use it, this simply is not the truth.

Essential oils work effectively in part due to the chemical components each is made up of.  Some therapeutic grade essential oils can rid an area of bacteria and create an overall cleaner environment.  Others can grant the receiver relief from crippling anxiety and stress.  But research has shown that what a person receives from the use of an essential oil is not solely based on chemical properties; quantum physics also plays a part in determining the results one will receive after using essential oils.

The basic premise of quantum physics as it pertains to the use of essential oils is that the outcome is determined by the recipient.  In classic physics, the observer is merely that; the person watching an outcome unfold before him.  In quantum physics, the observer decides what the outcome will be.  This is possible when dealing with phenomena smaller than an atom which is essentially non-existent until recorded.

While every essential oil has chemical compounds that determine what possibilities lie within that particular oil, it is the faith and feelings held by the giver and the receiver that decide what result will come after use.  A person who believes that the therapeutic grade oil being used will calm their stressful mind can focus on that result while applying the oil and see astounding results.

This belief was proven by the Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto.  He set out to prove that human thought and emotion could affect the crystalline structure of frozen water. In his experiment, participants aimed beautiful thoughts at water, such as “love,” “angel,” or “appreciation,”.  The result was that water crystallized into beautiful icy patterns. When ugly or mean thoughts were aimed toward water, such as “hate,” “demon,” or “kill”, the result was that the frozen water produced ugly crystals. Interaction of mind and matter is a scientific fact.

What was learned from these and other experiments was that human thought and human intent effects electron behavior.  This lead to the confirmation that using essential oils all alone can and does produce some result in a person;  but that use of therapeutic grade essential oils coupled with an intent that directs the oil to work as desired produces results that cannot be matched by any pharmaceutical drug manufactured in a factory.

Using a therapeutic grade essential oil can not only rid your home of harmful bacteria; but can also provide powerful antioxidants that cleanse the system of free radicals.  Essential oils can elevate our body’s frequencies, helping us to stay healthy and immune to disease. The energy filled vibrations of essential oils resonate with our tissues in helpful ways according to our wishes and mental directions.