Oct 222013

The emotions are the most elusive part of the human body. Research has only begun to delve into the subconscious mind and to discover how emotions affect every aspect of our lives. Many people find that they are unable to progress in life and achieve sought after goals and dreams due to the trauma of emotional and physical abuse. These deep-seated emotional issues may undermine one’s success, future and life.

To be successful, be it as caregiver, as parent, or in any other endeavor, we must first find peace deep within, and tackle the emotional barriers that hold us back.

The number of healthcare professionals in mental health and other emotion related fields is ever expanding. This need or desire for that elusive emotional health has been the driving force behind a brisk trade in drugs, legal and illegal. Almost from birth, and even earlier, children are given prescription drugs to calm them, to engage them, to numb them, to disengage them. And seniors or those in between don’t fare much better as they experience often serious side effects after drug use.

This is why new avenues for coping with and clearing negative emotions are helpful. Practitioners of  meditation, yoga, special breathing exercises, tapping, color therapy, aromatherapy, as well  the use of coaches and  support groups have turned to those avenues because they  do not carry the potential side effects pharmaceuticals might have.

The use of essential oils for emotional clearing goes back to antiquity. Records of  their use for physical and emotional ailments is found in ancient scripts, tombs and other locations. The use of fragrance, herbs, and essential oils is well documented throughout history. However, only in recent years did therapeutic essential oils get more closely investigated and their healing power scientifically documented.

Young Living Essential Oils is at the forefront of that trend. Founder Gary Young has created a number of essential oil blends, based on extensive research, to help clear emotions. He put together an inspired collection of products developed specifically to achieve a balance of health and peacefulness within each of the areas of our life; the body, the mind, and the spirit.

The use of these oil blends has enabled numerous people to be liberated from emotional bondage to face life with new-found purpose, optimism, and joy.

I found the use of  a number of essential oils a most valuable tool to calm not only me, but also those around me. Check them out, you might discover that therapeutic essential oils do make care giving easier.

If you are interested in learning more, register for our Free 7 Day Mini-Course about emotional release using the new Young Living Feelings Collection.