Oct 302013

Helpful Tips for Dealing Better with Family Members

There are times, as caregivers, when you will have to deal with non-caregiving family members and relatives of the one for whom you care. Now, we know that these people are always going to be helpful and supportive of our caregiving, and will never be critical, right? Right.

So, how do we deal with family members in these situations?

Here are some basic tips.

· Turn the criticism around, and ask the critical person how they would handle the situation. I don’t mean that you should be defensive or harsh, not; “Oh yeah? So what would you do?” No, just an acknowledgement and question such as; “I understand your concern, and share it with you, do you have any ideas about how I should handle this in the future?”

· Put yourself in their place. I know, I know, you’re far too reasonable and considerate to think the way that critical family thinks, but give it a try. They are concerned, and are likely to be frustrated over not knowing what to do or say to address their concerns. You can understand that they’re being a bit harsh with their words. Remember that, no matter how unreasonable they are, telling them off or blowing a gasket and telling them to take a hike is not going to help either of you. They will probably go around saying rotten things about you, and you will probably, because you are a caring and conscientious person, feel awfully bad about having done so.

· Go easy on yourself. You know that you are doing your best in a difficult situation. Pounding your head against a wall, or otherwise beating yourself over the head, is not going to be helpful. If you need, take a moment and excuse yourself for a brief, private rant with God or the Universe; take a few deep breaths; then, put a drop of essential oil such as Lemon, Lavender, Cedarwood,  “Peace and Calming” or “Forgiveness”  oil from Young Living in the palms of your hands, cup over your nose and inhale. Or, you might choose to follow this advise from a Naval Handbook: “When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.” Once it’s out of your system, you can deal with the issue calmly. (For me, essential oils worked the best.)

One or more of these three simple things should help you through the situation, and will ultimately help the critical family member through the situation as well, so that you can all go back to doing the right things for the person under your care.

With Gratitude and Love Margarete de Gaston

Oct 302013

There is a physical toll on caregivers which is based  on the exertions needed  in daily care giving. Those often include lifting, carrying, stretching, bending, squatting on a regular, often frequent rate throughout the day.  In addition, many caregivers are elderly or in poor health themselves and not used to lift or support the weight of an adult sometimes larger than themselves.

Physical exhaustion combined  with the emotional stress of caregiving can lead to caregiver burnout  and result in many serious conditions  ranging from high blood pressure to a compromised immune system  which shows up as frequent colds,  headaches, and other afflictions.  Highly stressed caregivers are also  more prone to fall, to cut and bruise themselves.  According to a study  quoted in  the Dec. 1999 Journal of the  American Medical Association,  the death rate of older caregivers is over 60 %  higher than that  of  non caregivers in the same age group.

Caregivers, while taking care of somebody else, often don’t seek help for themselves and muddle along to the detriment of their charge and their own.

Signs to look out for:
Various physical health problems showing up.
(back pain, sore feet, eating disorders, elimination problems, headaches, arthritis, vision and hearing problems, tooth and gum problems, inflammation, etc.
Feeling fatigued, tired and listless.
(lack of energy, needing frequent rest, lack of interest)
Changes in sleep patterns.
(not enough sleep, too much, waking frequently and not being able to go back to sleep.)
Change in eating patterns.
(eating less or more than usual)
Changes in hygiene patterns.
(neglecting to bath, shave, brush teeth, wash and tend to hair)
Change in emotional behavior.
(increasing frequency of outbursts of anger, crying spells, self loathing, self pity)
Change in social patterns.
(withdrawal from  family, friends and other former activities)

Are you a caregiver who neglects your own well being?

Stop right now and FIRST take care of yourself because you cannot and should not  care for others without foremost taking care of your own needs. You owe it to yourself and to the one you take care of, as well as the rest of  your family.

As a caregiver, when I was at my wits end, nothing helped me as much as the use of essential oils to quickly regain balance. Taking just a few minutes of focusing on balance while inhaling the soothing fragrance of an essential oils such as Lavender or Orange, or one of the blends such as Harmony, Peace and Calming, or Grounding allowed me to quickly be back in control of my emotions and often also get physical relief.  After refocusing this way, both my husband and I benefited greatly because the stress of what ever the situation was, had been broken.

Of all the various tools to help caregivers to stay balanced, none worked as fast and as well as did organic, therapeutic essential oils. Give them a try.

Oct 302013

Each of us either has or will experience the emotion of grieving. Where it will come from doesn’t matter. It may be from the loss of a loved one. That special pet. Or it may be some felt internal loss buried way down deep within you. A failed relationship, losing your job, or having to move from your home, these are all loses that in order to heal require us to grieve.

Funny thing, emotions. While most people think of emotions as being simply a feeling, and if you can just think about something positive the feeling will go away. This is not true. Psychologists and others who study the relationship between our physical body and the mind long ago discovered that when we experience a strong, life changing, emotion, there are physical manifestations of that feeling. This mind-body relationship affects all of our senses. The deeper the grief the more prominent the physical manifestations of that feeling.

While grief is a normal human response it also can take over your life. It is not unusual for unresolved grief to turn into clinical depression. For others the price for not dealing with grief becomes anger. If you could be the fly on the wall in a session with a therapist you might well hear them say “…is your turning your grief inward, upon yourself.”How are we to deal with grief. Especially when the hurt is so powerful that it takes up much of our life? Again, the mind-body relationship must be addressed. Once you can bring these elements into alignment you can get on with your life. This alignment is no great mystery. It simply means that as you are able to relax your body your mind will follow the body’s lead. As the mind relaxes so will your body. It’s a part of what I like to call the circle of life.

Soothing oils is one of the most powerful ways to relax the mind and the body. Found throughout scripture essential oils have long been used to assist people in reclaiming their life. Let’s listen to the words of Fran: “Marjoram is supposed to be very good. They used it at funerals and weddings. It is referred to as the oil of gladness in the Bible. We went to a memorial service yesterday for one of my 2 daughters’ teacher and on the way there my oldest was overwhelmed by everything in general and crying. I gave her Marjoram to smell and it calmed her down right away.”Or how about these healing words from Mona: “…Three Wise Men. This oil has done wonders for me and also helped a seriously troubled young man I am close to get through some major, traumatic grief. He went from acting like the grief would do him in and near freaking out, to simply crying, and to now smiling and almost “miraculously” 90% healed once the old repressed garbage came out. It took a lot of prayer and Three Wise Men to bring the repressed stuff to the surface so it could be dealt with, but it all worked wonderfully! Thank You, God!”

These are but a few of the testimonials flowing in about the power of essential oils in the healing process of grief. Whatever your loss, no matter how much it hurts, ask yourself this one question:” is my unbridled grief what God would have me do regarding this event?” I think not. Remember grief is a normal human reaction to the loss you have suffered. Unbridled grief that keeps you from being that person you want to be is not normal. If you or someone you know can’t let go of their grief maybe it’s time to address the issue head-on. Maybe it’s time to give essential oils a try.

If you or someone you know can’t let go of their grief, it’s time to face the issue head-on. Selecting the right essential oils can give you the strength to start living again.

Schedule a free consultation to discover how essential oils can help reclaim your life! <>

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Oct 292013

We’ve all heard about the “Mind-Body Connection”.  This is more than a myth or mystical belief; it is the workings of the body as a whole that include the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects within us all.  Understanding the interaction of mind and matter will help you to better understand the power the individual has over the effectiveness of an essential oil application.   When you consider essential oils as “living energy”, you can see how human intent can have an impact on the action of that oil.

Regarding the power of thought:  It is a well known fact that the mind can affect the electromagnetic frequencies of essential oils. Prayer and positive thinking elevates the frequencies while negative thoughts will decrease the frequencies.  This is why, historically, essential oils were used in conjunction with prayer.

In the 1950’s, Franklin Loehr, an American scientist explored the effect of prayer and human thought on water. Water molecules are composed to a single oxygen atom with two hydrogen atoms attached at specific angles ranging from 120-110 degrees. Loehr found that human thought alters the bonding angles between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms, thus changing the physical properties of the water.

More recent experiments by the Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, graphically prove that human thought and emotion affects the crystalline structure of frozen water. The results of his experiments show that if one is to aim beautiful thoughts at water, such as “love,” “angel,” or “appreciation,” it will crystallize into beautiful icy patterns. Aim ugly or mean thoughts toward water, such as “hate,” “demon,” or “kill” and the frozen water produces ugly crystals. Emoto deduced that interaction of mind and matter is a scientific fact.

Study shows that human thought and human intent has an affect on electron behavior.  Electrons are an integral part of every chemical and neural process that goes on inside the body.  This means that our bodily functions go beyond that of simple chemistry and classic physics.  Because the observer is a part of the outcome, our inner workings have more of a quantum physics law to follow.

In applying essential oils, it is clear that what occurs is an amplifying of an already existent intent.  This goes for the giver and for the receiver.  This is why saying a prayer while applying oils increases efficiency.  Essential oils also have a more powerful effect on the person who has faith and belief in the oils being used.   Essential oils have electrical properties, and hence can be affected by thoughts and feelings.  Therefore, the same oil can have a different effect on two different people.  This could be because of the different chemical makeup between the two people; or it could be the workings of their mind over the matter of the oils.

Oct 282013

The Basics of Quantum Physics

It may seem that Essential Oils and Quantum Physics made strange bedfellows; but when you look closely into the intricacies of essential oils, everything will make perfect sense. Many people assume that an oil with a pleasant fragrance would involve the laws of chemistry and stop there.  Essential oils employ both the laws of chemistry and the laws of modern physics.

How does the science of physics fit into all this?  Scientifically speaking, there are two fundamental forms of physics. First, there is “Classical physics” and then there is “Quantum physics.”  In talking about essential oils, both forms of science are necessary to describe the ways in which essential oils work.

Let’s take a look at Classical physics first.  The principal laws of this form of science were first made known by Sir Isaac Newton (1642–1727).  In Classical physics, one can work with things large enough to measure with the five senses. It is by using the principles of Classical physics that engineers can build bridges across rivers, design cars to ride in, and send rockets into space.  If something has the dimensions the size of an atom or larger, than Classical physics deals with it.

The idea of Quantum physics came about at the end of the 19th century.  The principles of quantum physics were set forth by men such as Max Planck (1858–1947), Erwin Schroedinger (1887-1961), and Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976). This form of science deals with matter too small to experience or measure using the five senses. Things such as electric eyes, solar panels, and spectrometers can be explained using the laws of quantum physics. If it’s smaller than an atom, Quantum physics is your go-to science.  This means that quantum physics deals with the behavior of things with such as electrons, protons, neutrons, and other subatomic particles.

The difference between the two forms of physics is that in the study of classic physics, the experimenter is an observer.  In the study of quantum physics, the experimenter is an integral part of the experiment itself.

This was determined long ago, and solidified by a series of experiments performed during the 1980s.  These experiments were performed by scientists working independently in Germany and the United States.  The purpose of the experiments was to explore the relationship between the observed and the observer.  They were called “Double Slit, Delayed Choice” experiments.

In these experiments, light was released from a common source and aimed through a pair of vertical slits.  As the light travelled towards the point where it was to be recorded, the observers could make a decision as to whether the light would show up as a wave or as a series of particles.  Observers made their decision while the light was in transit from one point to the other.  What occurred was that whatever the observers chose, the light would do.  If they chose that the light would manifest as a continuous wave, this is what recorded on the photographic place.  If they chose that the light would manifest in particles, this is how it recorded.

The results of these experiments brought the question “What is light beam in flight on its way to being observed; a wave or a stream of particles?” The conclusion was that a light beam in transit is neither; it simply does not exist as light until observed.  Light in transit is nothing more than a possibility.  What this possibility manifests as is dependent upon the observer; thus reinforcing the law of quantum physics that the experimenter must be a part of the experiment.

Oct 252013

Using essential oils has been widely practiced throughout the world for ages.  The power of nature is full of possibilities that are only limited by those who could receive their abundant benefits but simply will not allow themselves.  While many believe that any given essential oil will produce a specific result within every person who would use it, this simply is not the truth.

Essential oils work effectively in part due to the chemical components each is made up of.  Some therapeutic grade essential oils can rid an area of bacteria and create an overall cleaner environment.  Others can grant the receiver relief from crippling anxiety and stress.  But research has shown that what a person receives from the use of an essential oil is not solely based on chemical properties; quantum physics also plays a part in determining the results one will receive after using essential oils.

The basic premise of quantum physics as it pertains to the use of essential oils is that the outcome is determined by the recipient.  In classic physics, the observer is merely that; the person watching an outcome unfold before him.  In quantum physics, the observer decides what the outcome will be.  This is possible when dealing with phenomena smaller than an atom which is essentially non-existent until recorded.

While every essential oil has chemical compounds that determine what possibilities lie within that particular oil, it is the faith and feelings held by the giver and the receiver that decide what result will come after use.  A person who believes that the therapeutic grade oil being used will calm their stressful mind can focus on that result while applying the oil and see astounding results.

This belief was proven by the Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto.  He set out to prove that human thought and emotion could affect the crystalline structure of frozen water. In his experiment, participants aimed beautiful thoughts at water, such as “love,” “angel,” or “appreciation,”.  The result was that water crystallized into beautiful icy patterns. When ugly or mean thoughts were aimed toward water, such as “hate,” “demon,” or “kill”, the result was that the frozen water produced ugly crystals. Interaction of mind and matter is a scientific fact.

What was learned from these and other experiments was that human thought and human intent effects electron behavior.  This lead to the confirmation that using essential oils all alone can and does produce some result in a person;  but that use of therapeutic grade essential oils coupled with an intent that directs the oil to work as desired produces results that cannot be matched by any pharmaceutical drug manufactured in a factory.

Using a therapeutic grade essential oil can not only rid your home of harmful bacteria; but can also provide powerful antioxidants that cleanse the system of free radicals.  Essential oils can elevate our body’s frequencies, helping us to stay healthy and immune to disease. The energy filled vibrations of essential oils resonate with our tissues in helpful ways according to our wishes and mental directions.

Oct 242013

Chemistry plays a large role in the possibilities of any essential oil used.  Depending on the chemical makeup, an oil can give energy and vitality; or it can ease anxiety and tension.  Chemistry tells an oil what possibilities it can fulfill on a particular receiver.  The receiver’s body chemistry also plays a part in absorbing the possibilities available.

The receiver’s mind, however, plays a large role as well.  It is through the feelings, desires and beliefs of the giver and the receiver that possibilities manifest into healing.  A person receiving an application of an essential oil can facilitate healing by mentally directing the oil to work towards the desired outcome.  The best results are seen when a receiver will fully give themselves to the belief that the therapeutic grade oil they are using will help them; and will affirm in their mind the result they expect to receive.  A one-time thought, no matter how deeply felt, will not produce a miraculous result.  Affirmation should be repeated and consciously retained until the desired result comes about.

Essential oils are imbued with an intelligence non-existent in pharmaceutical drugs.  What this means to a receiver is that the affect a single essential oil can have on the body are innumerable and almost unlimited.  Even if you are not sure the oil you have is right to produce the results you want, there is evidence to suggest that if you were to use what you have and concentrate fully on the desired result, the oil may do just what you directed it to.

While there are so many possibilities contained in the use of essential oils in the home or office, a few are listed here just go give you an idea of some you could benefit from.

  • Essential oils can elevate bodily frequencies, helping individuals to stay healthy and increase immune funtion. Their vibrations resonate with our tissues in helpful ways according to our wishes and mental directions.
  • Essential oils support and increase our intuitive powers and sharpen our spiritual awareness, which is why religions all over the world, from ancient times to the present, diffuse the aromas of essential oils as incense in their sanctuaries in order to facilitate effective meditation and prayer.
  • Essential oils can destroy harmful fungi, viruses, and bacteria in the air we breathe as well as inside our bodies. These powerful compounds are deadly to pathogenic microbes, but are harmless and helpful to humans.
  • Essential oils are nature’s most powerful antioxidants.  Antioxidants cleanse free radicals from our systems. This helps maintain a state of wellness and can extend our life spans.
  • Essential oils can act like hormones to keep our organs and bodily functions in balance and can even fill in the differences, or stimulate our bodies to produce, when our bodies do not manufacture the hormones we need.
  • Essential oils work in our limbic systems to help clear negative feelings and blocked emotions, thus eliminating the root causes of many diseases and conditions.

All human levels can be assisted by essential oils.  These include our mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual states.  Utilizing the principles of quantum physics, one can see that essential oils amplify intent.  Using therapeutic grade oils with intent that is in harmony with a higher power can significantly improve one’s well-being.

Oct 222013

The emotions are the most elusive part of the human body. Research has only begun to delve into the subconscious mind and to discover how emotions affect every aspect of our lives. Many people find that they are unable to progress in life and achieve sought after goals and dreams due to the trauma of emotional and physical abuse. These deep-seated emotional issues may undermine one’s success, future and life.

To be successful, be it as caregiver, as parent, or in any other endeavor, we must first find peace deep within, and tackle the emotional barriers that hold us back.

The number of healthcare professionals in mental health and other emotion related fields is ever expanding. This need or desire for that elusive emotional health has been the driving force behind a brisk trade in drugs, legal and illegal. Almost from birth, and even earlier, children are given prescription drugs to calm them, to engage them, to numb them, to disengage them. And seniors or those in between don’t fare much better as they experience often serious side effects after drug use.

This is why new avenues for coping with and clearing negative emotions are helpful. Practitioners of  meditation, yoga, special breathing exercises, tapping, color therapy, aromatherapy, as well  the use of coaches and  support groups have turned to those avenues because they  do not carry the potential side effects pharmaceuticals might have.

The use of essential oils for emotional clearing goes back to antiquity. Records of  their use for physical and emotional ailments is found in ancient scripts, tombs and other locations. The use of fragrance, herbs, and essential oils is well documented throughout history. However, only in recent years did therapeutic essential oils get more closely investigated and their healing power scientifically documented.

Young Living Essential Oils is at the forefront of that trend. Founder Gary Young has created a number of essential oil blends, based on extensive research, to help clear emotions. He put together an inspired collection of products developed specifically to achieve a balance of health and peacefulness within each of the areas of our life; the body, the mind, and the spirit.

The use of these oil blends has enabled numerous people to be liberated from emotional bondage to face life with new-found purpose, optimism, and joy.

I found the use of  a number of essential oils a most valuable tool to calm not only me, but also those around me. Check them out, you might discover that therapeutic essential oils do make care giving easier.

If you are interested in learning more, register for our Free 7 Day Mini-Course about emotional release using the new Young Living Feelings Collection.

Oct 182013

Caregivers, quickly solve some of your toughest problems from a tiny bottle.

Care taker, now you can sanitize your living space, refresh your mind, solve some stubborn health problems, enrich your food’s flavor, even remove gook from floors and counters in minutes.   Your daily living will take on a whole new magic no matter if you use our pure Lemon essentials oil on your body, on food, on grime, or in the air. Everything about you takes on a new “sparkle” when you practice a little lemon oil magic.

A few drops  of Lemon oil wiped with a damp cloth  leave your counters and fixtures sanitized, sparkling, and smelling great. It gives you and your guests that totally clean feel.

Cleanses and increases the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables Gives you more flavor, greater nutritional values, and many health benefits.

Young Living Lemon Oil helps balance oily skin on a cellular level. Gives you clearer skin and a healthier look.

Pure essential oils such as YL Lemon Oil is known to improve circulation and eliminate waste from the cells. Gives you smoother skin and a younger look if looking for essential oils for wrinkles.

Add a drop of Lemon Oil to your dishwasher to sanitize. Make your dishes sparkle and your kitchen smell lemon fresh

In home help care a few drops of Lemon Oil removes gum, oil, crayon, and grease spots. Makes tedious cleanups quick and easy no matter if at home, at work, or on the beach

A few drops of Lemon Oil in carpet cleaning solution sanitize and make your home smell Springtime fresh.

Dab YL Lemon Oil on bleeding gums, cold sores or warts for relief, makes you smell nice and helps eliminate pain and unsightliness.

Rub a drop of Lemon Oil in your hands after handling doorknobs and using restrooms Cuts way down on colds and keeps you and your family well all year round.

Use 1 drop of Lemon Oil in foods and beverages for pure magic. Gives you and your guests great taste and the health benefits of pure YL lemon oil

A couple of drops of Lemon Oil take off tar and oil from surf and boogyboards. Eliminates hours of tedious rubbing and getting grime on clothes and cars.

Clean your cutting boards and butcher blocks with Young Living Lemon Oil. Experience the magic smell of lemon and know cutting surfaces are ready for the next job.

When traveling, add a few drops of Lemon oil to a spray bottle to freshen bedding, and other surfaces. Lemon Oil makes your travel adventures safer and better smelling.

Rub a drop of Young Living lemon oil on corns, bunions or calluses mornings and evenings. See unsightly and often painful problems fall off and disappear.

Rub a few drops of Young Living Lemon Oil on athlete’s foot – soon to enjoy healthy, good smelling feet again.

Experience pure magic when you diffuse or spray Lemon Oil at home, at work or when traveling. Feel the euphoria and watch people around you react to pure lemon magic when you release Young Living’s Lemon Oil.

Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain:

Pure Lemon Oil (Citrus limon) has antiseptic-like properties. It contains 68 percent d-limonene, a powerful antioxidant. It has been known for ages to serve as an insect repellent, to be beneficial for the skin, and does a hundred and one other magical things.

Don’t take my word for it. Here is what our customers say:

Testimonial: For the last several months, I’ve been putting 2-3 drops of LEMON oil and 2-3 drops of peppermint oil in my drinking water which I drink during the day. I’ve realized over the last couple of weeks that I’ve NOT had a mosquito bite all summer long! The other thing I’ve noticed is no unpleasant body odor. (and I’m NOT using deodorant, just Y/L oils) I’m thinkin’ it’s the lemon and peppermint water I’ve been drinkin’! Lemon is also great in the diffuser for a wonderfully fresh room! Blessings, Elaine

Testimonial: My son and his friends use Lemon oil to clean tar off their surfboards and boogie boards. What used to take them an hour of scraping now only takes a few minutes. They sprinkle lemon oil on their boards, wait a couple of minutes, then wipe clean. Karen

Testimonial: When preparing salads, I let my vegetables soak in water with a few drops of lemon oil. I trust this is helping neutralize the chlorine in my tap water and killing any little critters before they go into my mouth. While most of the vegetables I use are organic, for those times when I use supermarket produce I know that the lemon-water rinse helps to neutralize the petrochemical pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer residues. The biggest benefit is that my salads have a subtle, but great-tasting, lemon flavor. And it’s interesting to think about the increased health benefits of the salad after being exposed to the water in which those molecular changes happened the instant that first drop of high-frequency lemon oil hit it. Caleb

Testimonial: After cleaning fish, lemon oil removes fishy smell from fingers instantly! It’s also good to use in the dishwasher for sanitizing and fragrance! Lemony clean smell will fill the room when opening the machine. Nice! Denese, D.S

Warning: Do NOT buy any essential oil for therapeutic reasons UNLESS it meets the following four criteria. There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 4 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any Therapeutic Essential Oil you entrust your and your loved ones’ well being to

Number 1: is to assure that any oils you consider are purely organic and have not been adulterated through addition of  fillers or diluted with poor quality or synthetic oils.

Number 2: The oils must be grown, harvester, distilled and processed correctly to achieve their highest potency and effectiveness. That means that temperatures, exerted pressure, duration of distillation, time elapsed between harvest and processing must be at optimal time.

Number 3: Since there are no mandatory checks and balances on the essential oil industry, it is “buyer beware”. While many companies offer excellent quality oils, they often however do not know enough about the oils they buy, nor subscribe to the belief that they’d rather not sell them than to buy poor quality oils that could be harmful when used. You will never have to worry about that with Young Living Essential Oils. Our oils have quarantine periods before being released to the public and are all produced under the most stringent quality controls. Young Living essential oils are all tested by independent laboratories and backed by a 100 % guarantee.

Number 4: Young Living essential oils are being used by health and wellness providers throughout the world with the most amazing results. Our oils are undergoing clinical tests at Webber University and at other such institutions.

As a homemaker and long time caregiver, I assure you, Young Living Lemon Essential Oil is one of the best things you can use in your home. Its fragrance is truly uplifting to every household member. Its cleaning power is remarkable. Easiest way to remove scuff marks, residue from glue and adhesives. It’s therapeutic benefits – subtle but powerful.

With Gratitude and Love