Oct 302013

My father has  diabetes and dementia. I take care of him during the day. My husband and son look after him at night  while I’m waitressing   the graveyard shift.  I’m on my feet all the time. It’s wearing me out emotionally, too.

On a pretty slow night, an elderly  guest and  I got to chat . She told me that she was a “FREE” woman – for a whole 2 weeks because her husband was in a respite so she could get some rest herself.  Her first free day she had slept for over 30 hours and then had ventured out to our place to get something to eat and a good cup of coffee.

We compared notes and  no matter what age, caretakers never get enough sleep and spend entirely too much time on their feet. Add to that the worry, the responsibility and all the rest, it’s  not an easy thing but neither she nor I would do anything different. When loved ones need help, family comes to the rescue, or so it should be.

My son discovered the essential-caregiver website. He emailed it to me to look at it. I look forward to learn more because I love essential oils – especially Lavender, but Abundance  sounds great. I need that.