Oct 302013

Emotions drive many of our actions and how we cope with the world. The stress of caregiving might add even more and deeper emotional reactions. During my caregiving days I was able to ease and even eliminate those emotional ups and downs through the use of essential oils and a variety of simple practices.

Because they worked so well for me, I put together a SEVEN DAY Mini-Course to help others find relief as they face similar emotions and need support.

Lessons deal with Anger; Forgiveness; Self-Sabotage; Depression; Post Traumatic Stress; Holding and Letting Go; Abuse and Healing.

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Here is part of Lesson 1: Dealing with Anger Issues

Deep-seated anger comes from many sources.  Anger at not getting what you want, not being heard, not valued, not accepted, not protected, and for having to do something that you feel compromises your true self, or that just doesn’t feel comfortable.

What happens to those bottled up feelings of anger?  Unless the feelings are cleared, most often, they will be incorporated into the cells, the body tissue, the consciousness, and subconscious thought.  Since anger is such a potent energy, eventually it starts to deplete every system and it will damage your liver, immune system, causes fatigue, stress and muscle strain and stops your ability to do simple tasks in your life.

With an emotion like anger, you may have many other interconnected feelings such as resentment, hatred, fear, guilt, and past memory of trauma. Working with Pure Essential Oils has shown to greatly assist in clearing all of these intermingled emotions.

Why Pure Essential Oils for emotional clearing?
Many of the aromatic ingredients and oils found in Pure Essential Oils penetrate the cell membrane of human cells, carrying vital nutrients very quickly and subtly. The aromatic ingredients stimulate the area of the brain which is associated with our emotion, memory, sex-drive, and intuition. The olfactory area of the brain also connects with the hypothalamus and the pituitary.  This causes the body to affect an immediate change.

Read Richard’s story: My sister, who had been using the oils for a long time, has had some pretty amazing things happen when using the Feelings Kit. Her experiences were the reason which got me to try the oils. At 13 I had to go to anger management classes, had a broken family.  The list goes on but it had whirled me into a state of apathy that was destroying my social life and myself.  I had been living like this since my early teenage years and it’s hard to see what’s wrong when you’re not even sure what it is right. Finally at 18 years old, using the oils for psoriasis with amazing results, I thought I would give the emotional aspect of the oils a try.  Only a few times after using the Feelings Kit I began to notice some things.  I cried for the first time since I can truly remember.  I had to give up being an EMT because apathy was the only thing allowing me to work in that environment.  I simply began to care about things.  No longer was anger the only emotion manifesting itself.  We know what anger can do, emotionally as well as physically.  They say anger destroys the liver, if I had only known what I know now 6 years ago. People who have known me my whole life ask, “What’s gotten into you!  You’re so pleasant now!”  I thank the oils for bringing me back to the emotional state I should be in!  This is the most exciting aspect of the oils and my favorite to share!

Like to learn more about caregivers’ emotions and how to cope?
Go here: http://essential-caregiver.com/relief-with-essential-oils/

With Love and Gratitude


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